Comprehensive Engineering Services

Professional Engineering Services in Australia

Welcome to Strathmerton Engineering, your trusted partner for comprehensive engineering services. With a rich history dating back to our establishment in July 2008, we have evolved into a well-known workshop in the local area, catering to diverse engineering needs.

At Strathmerton Engineering, we pride ourselves on offering a broad spectrum of top-tier engineering solutions. Our expert and qualified staff, equipped with modern machinery in our state-of-the-art workshop, are dedicated to delivering excellence in every project. Whether you require CNC services, metal fabrication, or other specialised engineering solutions, we have you covered.

worker welding the bucket of a loader truck

Our Range of Engineering Solutions

Explore the diverse services we provide:

General Engineering

Trust us for precision and reliability in general engineering projects.

Custom Fabrication

We specialise in creating custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Machinery Modification

Enhance the performance and capabilities of your machinery through our expert modification services.

Machinery Installation

Count on us for seamless and efficient machinery installation.

Machinery Maintenance

Ensure the longevity and optimal functionality of your equipment with our thorough maintenance services.

Ute & Truck Trays

Discover customised solutions for your utility and truck trays, designed for durability and functionality.


Our skilled welders ensure strong and durable connections for various applications.


Benefit from precision machining services that meet the highest industry standards.

Laser Cutting

Harness the power of laser technology for accurate and efficient cutting.

Water Jet Cutting

Explore advanced cutting solutions with our water jet cutting services.

Expert Engineering for Every Project

With a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques, Strathmerton Engineering is committed to delivering excellence in every project. Our family-owned and operated business, located in a small rural town in North Central Victoria, has grown over the years to become a reliable partner for engineering services.

No job is too big or small for our growing workshop, and we look forward to applying our wide range of experience to meet your unique engineering needs. Contact us today to discuss how Strathmerton Engineering can contribute to the success of your projects.

Strathmerton Engineering specialises in delivering innovative CNC machining services that exceed industry standards.
  • Our 220 Ton Brake Press, capable of handling lengths up to 4 meters, empowers us to manage an extensive array of metal fabrication projects. From intricate components to expansive structures, we ensure precision and efficiency in every endeavour.
  • With our 100mm Bore Lathe, extending up to 3 meters, we possess the capability to machine components of various sizes with utmost accuracy and reliability. This versatility enables us to cater to the diverse needs of clients across different industries.
  • Equipped with two CNC Machining Centres featuring both 3 and 4-axis capabilities, we deliver precise machining for intricate and complex components. Our advanced CNC technology ensures superior quality and performance.
  • Our CNC Lathe augments our turning capabilities, enabling the production of high-quality turned parts with tight tolerances and impeccable surface finishes.
  • The CNC Plasma Cutter in our arsenal facilitates high-speed cutting of diverse metals, ensuring clean and precise cuts for a wide range of applications.
  • With our 300 Ton Press, we excel in performing heavy-duty forming and stamping operations with ease, delivering precise results for even the most challenging projects.
  • Our 5-axis CNC Waterjet Cutter, renowned for its versatility and precision, empowers us to cut complex shapes and materials effortlessly. This includes the ability to execute up to 60-degree bevel cuts, ensuring exceptional quality and accuracy in every project.