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Strathmerton Drilling is Serviced by its own Engineering Workshop

Strathmerton Drilling is a family operated business based in a small rural town in North East Victoria called Strathmerton. The business first started on 25th August 1989 when drilling icon Morris Christenson decided to adventure into his own drilling company, hiring Brain Madgwick.

On April 2nd 1993 Brain (Jack) and his wife Julie Madgwick, close friends of Morris were honoured with taking on the business. 28 years later Jack, Julie and their son his son Heath with his wife Kyley have successfully developed a well-known family business popular throughout our local area and across the state.

Strathmerton Drilling have continually growing staff with currently 4 hardworking drillers and their offsiders, all our drillers are legally licensed to drill in VIC, NSW, SA & QLD.

About Strathmerton Drilling VIC, Australia

Each of our drillers have years of extensive knowledge and experience under them. Each individual has brought a range of different skills and experience to the team, making our team highly innovative when we are faced with different challenges.


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